The Right Solution—Delivered the Right Way

Your goal is great communications. Making it reality takes a skilled village and a lot of steps: discovery, analysis, planning, design, delivery. If you lack time or expertise, we’ve got the team and know-how to deliver your perfect solution.

Key Benefits

Global Availability

Your business may operate in every part of the globe. So does our unique talent pool of experts. We work where you need us.

Extensive Choices

With 300+ packaged services and 100% customizable engagements, you’ll find the match for your need. Cloud transformation, security, deployment, migration, and more.

Easy Integrations

Unlock data using API integrations, leverage ecosystem technologies, and innovate with AI. The streamlined experiences you create sharpen your competitive edge.

Compatible Ecosystem

Let us integrate Avaya and third-party solutions under a single project, so you can eliminate micro-management and move quickly to the best business results.

Proven Success

Our professional discovery, analysis, planning, design, and expert delivery enable accelerated outcomes, solid adoption, and increased customer sat scores.

Service Information

Consulting, Workshops, Staffing

Define and support your best communications with help from our skilled professionals. Assess and plan solutions, map your customer journey, analyze performance, plan optimization—even augment your staff.

Design & Implementation

Achieve contextual, comprehensive service across all your communication channels. Get a new or improved solution up and running fast. We can work with you side-by-side or take leadership of the project.

Cloud Adoption & Migration

Rely on Avaya experts to help you assess, plan, and execute a customized, successful migration to communications in the Cloud.

Custom Applications & APIs

Let us craft an innovative solution to your unique and complex business challenge. We assess, design, and build applications and interfaces that integrate and work in your environment, with your systems.

Alliance Ecosystem

Often, best-in-breed solutions from multiple providers are needed to make an enterprise run at its best. Our alliances with key providers make it easy to order their solutions through Avaya.

Security Services

Security is crucial in communications. Find the best protection with our security consulting and implementation services: vulnerability and compliance, toll fraud, certificates, and hardening.