Context-sensitive collaboration

Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multimedia customer experience solution that allows small to mid-size enterprises to anticipate, accelerate, and enhance customer interactions. Avaya Contact Center Select uses the Avaya IP Office telephone system to provide a real-time telephony platform.

Our Key Features


Build a contact center with robust capabilities that show you the entire customer life cycle, so you can anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions


Give your agents complete views of customer interactions, on every channel customers choose. Seeing customer history at a glance streamlines agent work and helps improve agent efficiency


Support and unify agents in the office, at branch locations, or working from home. Avaya Contact Center Select is designed for businesses with 10-400 customer-facing agents. Be always open for business and make contacting you easy.


A multi-channel solution lets customers use voice or non-voice channels to contact you. Intelligently route customer interactions to the most equipped resources. Gain the critical capabilities to consistently deliver a superior level of customer engagement. Track and analyze historical and real-time reporting data.


Identify and pursue improvement opportunities that support your short- and long term objectives. Connect traditional analog, digital, H.323, and SIP communication devices, including tablets and smart phones, into a single communications environment.


Deploy fast. You can be up and servicing customers in as little as four hours.