Anytime, Anywhere productivity

Avaya Solution for
Enterprise directly addresses the challenge of anytime, anywhere worker productivity by providing consistent Communications capabilities to all users regardless of location

Communications capabilities to all users regardless of location

  • Whether your employees are mobile, telecommuting from home, or working at another office or branch location, they are still accessible to customers and co-workers via Avaya

  • Employees can receive and retrieve their messages in a single, unified mailbox; be notified of important messages and callers; and access corporate directories.


Maximize revenue across customer contacts

Enterprises can rely on Avaya Solution to support their customer service needs, leveraging Avaya’s leading- edge contact center capabilities to optimize multi-channel and multimedia customer contacts while providing analytics and workforce management solutions.
Agent productivity tools with a single agent desktop that supports voice, e-mail, SMS, Web chat, IM, social media, and other contact types.
Outbound campaign support, including preview and progressive dialing solutions.
Open interfaces and Web services integration for adapting sales and customer service initiatives to internal business processes.
“Find an Expert” capability, allowing agents to quickly locate experts in the enterprise via presence and drive quick, first-call resolution.