Business Needs
Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Empower Customers and Employees Alike

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS makes it easy to connect everything—voice, video, chat, messaging, and more—to deliver effortless experiences for customers and employees at every touchpoint. And it brings together teams, resources, and insights to maximize contact center performance and experiences.

Designed for Connected Experiences

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS brings everything together so you can create connected experiences for customers and employees. Proactive, Effortless Automation and Service When it comes to providing always-on customer service, we make it easy with predictive AI-powered tools.

Smarter Self-Service

Deliver intelligent, conversational self-service—24/7—with options to connect with a live agent.

Intelligent Routing
Match customers with the best employees using business rules, internal and external context, and desired outcomes.

Completely Connected Employees
Enhance team collaboration with converged communications that dissolve front- and back-office silos.

A Day in the Life of Your
Contact Center

See how you can create better experiences for both customers and staff. Read the stories of different businesses solving their customer service challenges using Avaya OneCloud CCaaS. We explore AI-powered solutions for integrated desktops and virtual assistants, in-the-moment data retrieval, real-time reporting, and an empowered workforce.

What Every Business Needs to Consider for Amazing Customer Service

Bring your customer experience forward with new digital services that connect every channel, serve every device, and make both your teams and customers feel empowered. We can show you how.

The Inner Circle Guide to Next-Generation Customer Contact

Explore new customer channels that can be used in the contact center to create memorable experiences. Learn about features—including AI-powered personalization, real-time sentiment analysis, and advanced self-service experiences—that address the unique needs of each customer.

The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalization

Learn how to increase satisfaction and loyalty when you personalize your customer journey to suit each need and context. Explore the extensive capabilities and techniques available now that can help you deliver individualized, in-the-moment services and product info.

Why It’s Time to Integrate UCaaS & CCaaS

When all your employees—not just customer service reps—are responsible for customer success, you can deliver truly innovative customer experiences. Make it happen by integrating a cloud-based UCaaS and CCaaS solution for everyone. Metrigy Research details what to know and how to start.