CRM & Ticketing System

The latest in communications technology lets you interconnect people, resources, data, and solutions to deliver information and respond to emergencies faster and more precisely

The effective way in supporting customers when they need it

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) typically refers to software solutions that help manage the customer relationship. Market leading CRM solutions include:, SAP, Oracle Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud. These solutions help companies to increase the customer’s lifetime value. Avaya’s CRM Connector allow companies to maximise the customer’s lifetime value, by combining business insight from their CRM solution with their contact centre operation. With CRM Integrations companies can
provide faster, more accurate and more personalised customer service, while increasing agent productivity and reducing costs.

Intelligently split tasks so there are no support bolenecks.

Live ticketing enables you to enjoy the full power of dispatch automation by using advanced configuration and algorithms that intelligently allocate tickets to employees that are going to solve the issue fastest and most accurately, so the right resources are engaged at the right moment.

Bridging the communication gap.

Live connects customers and companies, focusing on resolving their issues by aligning all communication touch points into one logical whole.

Fully-personalized support communication.

By personalised, we do not mean only being on a first-name/last-name basis but using accurate, customized data, for example, knowing their previous issues and pain points even before you start solving the following problem. This functionality will reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction by not asking the same question repeatedly on each touchpoint or making them take unnecessary steps in the process.

Never miss a deadline again.

Live Ticketing lets you focus on support quality while the system takes care of deadlines, SLA terms, and
conditions. This feature saves you from potential customer misunderstanding or forgetting a critical task & deadline that you are committed to.